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If we look at the JUBLFOOD chart above, and let’s say you get a short trade on the 28th at 12.00 am. The price is at Rs. 1345 and the ATR on the 3 min chart is at approximately 2. Based on the ATR, one can expect that that if you’re expecting a downside of Rs. 30 on the stock, it would take a minimum of 45 minutes at least if not more to play out. Day traders can use the ATR to project profit targets and also to check if a trade should be taken on. You can see here that before the price drops down, there is a period of steadiness.

Most traders are of the firm opinion that volatility reveals clear cycles. Based on this premise, ATR may be used for setting up entry signals. Breakout systems based on ATR are used by traders for timing entries in the short-term.

The ATR stop-loss technique uses a 2x to 3x multiple of the ATR value to determine a suitable exit point for every trade. This calculation will give you values that are classified as high or low, which are purely subjective. The reason for this is simple – ATR is used to measure volatility, not direction. What the ATR won’t tell you about is the price or trend direction. Securities, especially commodities, are known to make “limit moves”.

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The stock does go up marginally by another Rs. 5, but quickly retraces to fall almost Rs. 25 to a low of Rs. 339 for the day. Here, the black line is the pivot line, and the red line is the resistance line. Here, you can see that the price touching these lines and bouncing back. Hence, a trader, after confirming with another trading indicator, uses this bounce as a buy/sell signal appropriately. What makes the indicator different from other indicators is the fact that it doesn’t give you a buy or sell signal.

ATR (Average True Range) – Measuring Volatility

Another key point I’m trying to bring across is that entries and exits should not be based on ATR alone. ATR is an additional tool that is used with a strategy to help filter trades. For example, in the situation above, a trader shouldn’t sell or short simply because the price has moved up and the daily range is larger than usual. Only if a valid sell signal occurs, based on the trader’s strategies, would ATR help confirm the trade.

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Now, let us assume you bought a stock which is currently priced at Rs.100 and has an ATR of 30. With a trading indicator, you confirmed that the momentum is showing an uptrend, so your options are buying and longing the stock. For instance, the ATR could be 2 for a stock, but you need to be able to predict which way the price change is going to happen. Considering that you have a trading indicator ready, let us take an example to understand the ATR indicator and strategies better. As we have discussed above, the ATR indicator helps you gauge volatility, i.e. the maximum predicted price change.

This indicator is not suited for a trending market, as the ATR level may remain near its extremes for prolonged durations,” Kamath said. The fact that ATR is calculated using absolute values of price differences is something that should not be ignored. This is relevant because it means that securities with higher price values will inherently have higher Average True Range values. Likewise, securities with lower price values will have lower ATR values.

Hence, predicting the stock market becomes very important. Usually, a good understanding of markets and fundamental analysis coupled with technical indicators is a good way to try and predict the price action. What enables traders to book profits in a stock market is the price movement. No matter how much it is frowned upon, you have the best chance to earn big when the price moves higher. But this is helpful only when the price moves favorably.

Average True Range – ATR

The price range for the day would increase, and that difference, or higher volatility, would be included in the true range. Position sizing is a strategy Alternative To Wave Accounting that traders use for risk management. The idea here is to choose a position size according to the average true range value to manage risk better.

  • It is a tool that is used in conjunction with a strategy to help filter trades.
  • The ATR is commonly used as an exit method that can be applied no matter how the entry decision is made.
  • Now, the stop loss will work in both directions, helping you avoid losses more effectively.
  • When using intra-day charts, such as a 5-minute chart, there may be big swings in the ATR near the open whenever there was a gap in price overnight.
  • A trader need the markets to move and create trends in order to create trading opportunities.

In that case, the Average True Range will be on the rise. This can be used as a way to gauge the underlying strength of the move. The more volatility in a large move, the more interest or pressure there is reinforcing that move.

What is a Forex Indicator?

Instead, it focuses on measuring the maximum price movement on either side. 💡 Objective This script is a rebuild of the pre-existing ATR indicator, with improvements and fine-tuning. Optional calculation of the ratio between current volatility and average volatility 3. Bollinger Bands measure standard deviation around a central moving average.

trading atr

Let us learn more about average true range indicators and see how you can make use of the same to pocket some profit from the stock market. Apart from being a trend strength gauge, ATR serves as an element of position sizing in financial trading. Current ATR value (or a multiple of it – x) can be used as the size of the potential adverse movement (stop-loss distance) when calculating the trade volume based on trader’s risk tolerance.

Use indicators after downloading one of the trading platforms, offered by IFC Markets.

This is a time based strategy, designed to enter and exit within the same day of the week, using different hours for entry and exit. The script is long only direction, and it has no risk management inside, so use it with caution. At the same time you can also calculate each individual hour return within a certain day, and make your own idea about the best… Many traders use this indicator to gauge stock volatility as well.

Average True Range

It can be used to reinforce the belief in a move, if there a surge in the ATR after a bullish reversal then you might conclude there is power in this move up. The same applies for bearish reversals where it comes forward as a reinforcer not as a leading indicator. This is a chart of Nifty of the same time, as you can see the ATR has shot up in showcase of the market volatility.


In the first trading session of the year, the broader market has seen strong… “During a breakout or a breakdown, the range will be higher, marking the beginning of a fresh directional move, which can be captured with the help of ATR,” he said. Even though ATR changes throughout the day, it still provides a good estimation of how far we can expect the price to move and how long it could take. But, as discussed above, make sure you couple the ATR indicator with a trading indicator as well for best results.

The default reading for standard deviation is ±2, while that for the central moving average is 20-period. The team at is always endeavoring to improve education about technical analysis approach to decipher the movement of stock market. The ATR can also give a trader an indication of what size trade to put on in derivatives markets. It is possible to use the ATR approach to position sizing that accounts for an individual trader’s own willingness to accept risk as well as the volatility of the underlying market. To understand ATR, let’s first understand what is true range. True range is calculated as the maximum value of the following three equations.